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With regret, we have decided to close the forum and rescue, none of us have the time anymore to keep up.

We would like to thank all those loyal members who have helped us through the years and allowed us to save many Dogs and rehome them.

If you need any help with mastiff re homing please contact

We are sorry for this but we have no alternative.
Mike Skinner
Matt Seigneur
Sara Briggs

Operated and run by a group of members with the objectives of aiding in any way possible the welfare of animals, particularly to assist in the Rescue, Welfare, and re-homing of animals by adoption to suitable and loving homes.

Persons working for us give up their time freely to assist and help as volunteers, and receive petrol and telephone expenses only. To cover the costs of; veterinary healthcare, feeding, rescuing, home-checks, adoption processing and other related expenses, we raise monies through public donations, adoption fees and fundraising activities.

Rescuing a Bullmastiff or Neo

Not all Bullmastiffs or Neapolitan Mastiffs available for adoption have been neutered or spayed, but each dog is legally adopted on the signed understanding that, they will not be used in any breeding programme.

neo rescueWe have numerous enquiries for puppies and would point out that we occasionally have young dogs for adoption, but this is rare, we do not sell or supply, dogs/puppies for breeding. All dogs are strictly adopted as home and family companions only.

Most of the rescued dogs that come into our rescue centre have come from good homes, but sadly due to varying circumstances of the owners they had to make the heart rendering decision to re-home their loved one.

We make every effort to obtain the past history and origin of each dog, and assess their character and temperament traits, but make no admissions, as to suitability, but every assessment is made to match each dog suitably with the retrospective new adopter. If at any time the new adopter of the dog is unable to exercise proper care and control over the dog, we will reserve the right to repossess a dog and rescind all adoption rights if at any time there is evidence of neglect.

bullmastiff rescue

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